Business Services

As a company or organization you can focus on your core business. By deploying security guards, receptionists and hosts/hostesses Delta Security & Hospitality can take over the complete protection of your company or organization. Through the provision of fire and closing rounds, monitoring and maintaining the internal rules, such as clean desk policy, Delta Security & Hospitality can take away many of your worries. In addition, Delta Security & Hospitality trains your staff in security awareness and dealing with aggression.


As a business you want your stores safe and minimize that you suffer from loss by third parties. Delta Security & Hospitality can support you through the use of shop supervisors or intervention teams, which can be deployed in that location rapidly, following a burglary or fire. These guards are trained to identify potential shoplifters and act preventive against this, the security guards are also trained in dealing with aggression.

Object Security

Delta Security & Hospitality has a team of object security guards. These security guards can be deployed 24/7. Both temporary and long-term. The uniformed guards of Delta Security & Hospitality carry out security work as agreed on in advance. Through preventive presence, we emphasize the prevention of unauthorized and uncontrolled movement of goods and of people on your land or property. In addition, the security officer of Delta Security & Hospitality can support you with desk and telephone functions. All your needs will be discussed and recorded in advance of the project.

Judicial Supervision

The increased crowds at Police and Justice may require a Delta Security & Hospitality solution, for example by using Delta Security & Hospitality officers to be responsible for the care and treatment of detainees. The security staff of Delta Security & Hospitality supervise the detainees from entry until the time of departure. The deployed security staff can meet some specific requirements such as stress management and have sufficient social skills.

Event Security

Event security is a security feature by itself as more and more rules are imposed by the government that require every event to have a professional preparation. We are the right partner to assist you with this. Partly due to the long experience of Delta Security & Hospitality for several large and small events.

From site security to the actual deployment of security personnel at your event Delta Security & Hospitality can provide this in a professional manner.

Based on the security plan, drawn up by Delta Security & Hospitality, we will see how the commitment is shaped for your specific event. Delta Security & Hospitality always strives to create a manageable and safe event. This is not always decided by the number of security guards.

In addition to these services Delta Security & Hospitality can also provide a safety coordinator. A safety coordinator will oversee the observance of the agreements and will function as a liaison between the organization, government security and medical services.