All our agents are carefully selected for their psychological and physical aptitudes, their training and their experience in the field.

After the rigorous selection, Delta Security & Hospitality adopts a personnel management policy that provides regular employment for its agents so that the management gets to know each of them personally.

They receive active refresher training from the physical and psychological standpoint to keep their skills perfectly adapted to the needs of the assignments entrusted to them.

This excellent knowledge of the profession enables Delta Security & Hospitality to correctly assess each assignment and to offer accurate prices, so you get no unpleasant surprises when it comes to budgets.

Delta Security & Hospitality drafts surveillance and intervention reports for each client on a regular basis.

We believe that a staff supplier for a 24/7 industry has to be 24/7 accessible. Our office in Hato is therefore manned at weekends, so you always get someone on the phone.