Delta Academy offers different kinds of  safety training for your business or for you privately. We have an in house or on location EFR training given by our own certified EFR trainers or learn ISPS in the comfort of your own home or company trough our online academy


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Accidents happen every day. Sometimes it is about something small, like a cut on a finger while you’re preparing your meal. But sometimes things can get worse. A traffic accident a choking person, or a person could suddenly collapse because of a heart attack.

These victims depend on people that happen to be around them. Every second counts. Someone must be able to provide First Aid, until the EMS or other professional assistance arrives.



This training is of value to everyone assigned as a ship security officer who is responsible for overseeing fleet security and safety. This training provides a rapid and comprehensive programme that enables shipping companies to meet the requirements of the ISPS Code with security onboard their ships.

Many flag administrations have mandated specific ISPS Code training requirements which are met by satisfactory completion of this course.